A winters work.

Winter in Scotland is certainly time to huddle down and do something creative. So as winter took hold of our corner in Speyside we started upon our winters work of renovating at Glenarder.

When we purchased Glenarder there was only a very old and small utility space with no cooker. But, there was potential and a second lounge was just begging to be turned into a family kitchen. Somehow for a year I managed to whip up large feasts for family and friends by an innovative system of one pot cooking and my husbands extensive love of his BBQ. Meanwhile with much dreaming, planning and back and forth with the super team at Devol Kitchens it was finally time to start the renovation work.

This winter was no mild one so snow days and blocked roads added an extra challenge. Fingers were crossed as we awaited the overnight delivery of our cabinets all the way from Leistershire. Most memorable moment has to go to our dishwasher delivery guys. Determined to deliver they wheeled our dishwasher up our one km rough through the blowing snow road because they were afraid their lorry would get stuck ….above and beyond service appreciated. So as the wind howled and snow the blew horizontally over the glen our hardy workers soldiered through, sustained by cups of tea. They did a fantastic job.

Now….oh the luxury! A beautiful new utility room and kitchen. I have cupboards….joy. I have a new stove …so exciting. I can bake again ..yeah!  I love my Pantry Blue utility and find myself actually wanting to do laundry. My kitchen is a pleasure!

All in all well worth the two weeks freezing with open doors through the coldest two weeks of the year. Now to enjoy a cup of tea and watch the birds return to Glenarder from the warmth of my cozy new kitchen.  The kettles on!!


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