Get your ‘Burns’ on!

And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere!
And gie’s a hand o’ thine!
And we’ll tak’ a right guid-willie waught,
For auld lang syne


Burns Day in Scotland is a great tradition which celebrates our National Poet Robbie Burns. The first Burns supper was initiated on the 25th January 1801, 5 years after Burns death. Annual Burns Night suppers are held all over Scotland and the world. They may be formal or informal but generally the highlight of the evening will be the formal piping in off the Haggis. For sure there will music, dancing and much hearty food …with or without the Haggis. One thing there will always be with …. is Malt Whisky, and a raising of your glass (or two) in a toast.


If you want to organise a Burns supper take a read by the easy to follow guide HOW TO THROW A BURNS SUPPER. Don’t be intimdated, simple chooose a couple of Scottish recipes, put on some Scottish music and raise a toast to the man himself…Robbie Burns.

Here are some traditional Burns night recipes you can try. BURNS NIGHT RECIPES  ROBERT BURNS RECIPES.

Also take a look at OUR SPEYSIDE KITCHEN PAGE at Glenarder for lots photos and local Scottish recipes…you don’t have to limit it to Burns Night. Try some  year round Scottish recipes.



Written by Glenarder.                                                                                                        GLENARDER HOLIDAY HOME, Speyside, Scotland. A luxury holiday home in beautiful Speyside, the world famous home of Scottish Malt Whisky and the Malt Whisky Trail DISCOVER GLENARDER HOLIDAY HOME or read fantastic reviews from our guests all over the world GLENARDER Airbnb


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